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    When tutoring students in the subject of mathematics, Bernhard Gleiss decided to create an app that would help them, and joined vienna-based software company Innovaptor to this cause. The result of this cooperation is Polynom, an app that aims to help students to get their math homework done by solving and explaining math exercises.

    Since math is difficult for many people, one of the main goals of Polynom is to make things as simple as possible. With Polynom's minimalistic user interface, the user can focus solely on the exercise. After entering a term, Polynom automatically figures out what to do, and presents a simple step-by-step solution. If the user wants an explanation for a step, he can tap once, and if he wants additional steps, he can pinch out to get them. To recall exercises at a later time, the user can further save them in his personal library. Since there are situations where the user needs math-assistance, but has no internet connection, Polynom works offline.


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